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Book Review: Ink Spell, by Cornelia Funke.

I just… I just can’t even… How can a book so bad have sold so well?

Even though this book was slightly better than the first, it was still awful.
The writing, the story, the characters, everything was just plain horrendous.
Once again, this is going to be a short review, as I don’t have much to write about.

The story did progress a little more and a little faster than the first book, but at the same time, it didn’t really move anywhere. Not only is the narrative still stuck in a loop, but it was essentially the same story and loop as number one.
This book also introduced a few new characters – if you can call them that. While they may have different faces and different names, at their core they are the same as all the others we’ve met, and essentially boil down to nothing new at all.
The writing is very boring and very bad. The only good parts are the words written to be spoken, which are actually rather good. To be honest, I think the author would have been better off just writing a trilogy about the Inkworld, and not bothering with our world. It would have been much more interesting and may have actually gone somewhere.

There is no surprise or shock factor with the book, and no emotions to be felt whilst reading it.

I’m going to give myself two weeks instead of my usual one to read this, as it’s very bad, and it’s now Summer which means I will not have as much free time for reading.




Book Review: Inkheart, by Cornelia Funke.

I’ve had this book on my shelf for about two years now and I finally got around to reading, and it was terrible. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, – I didn’t, but that’s not the point – it was that is was just a bad book, full of poor writing, terrible characters, a major lack of excitement and progression, and multiple plot holes.

I honestly thought I was going to enjoy this book, from everything I had heard about it, but boy was I wrong.

I did not enjoy any of the characters, and beyond that, none of them really did much throughout the story and made no progression with themselves. The relationships between the characters were very unexciting, and the relationship between reader and character was nonexistent.

Coming back to my point about progression, the story seemed to go nowhere, and was not only looping but also didn’t move physically. The majority of the story took place in a single location – a very dull location, too.

Another thing that I disliked is how overboard the book was everything. Everything was exaggerated. This mighty villain that was literally just some mean guy, and worst of all was how they all thought about books. They’re just books. Seriously.
I have looked books all of my life, I have worked in a bookstore, and I’ve been to university to study Creative Writing, and I have never met anyone who thinks about books in the way these characters do. It’s ridiculous.

I won’t talk about too many of the plot holes otherwise I will give too much away to people have not yet read this book, but I will talk about one – the biggest one.
So, toward the end when they have their plan to stop The Shadow and they’re writing in their cell/room, why don’t they just write about a superhero and bring him to life…?

I disliked this book so much that I actually have very little to write about in this review.
If I weren’t so compulsive about reading books that I own, I would not be finishing this series, but, I will be.

I do not really recommend this book to anyone. Sorry.