Book Review: The Last Good Man, by A.J. Kazinski.

“A. J. Kazinski is the pseudonym of filmmaker and author Anders R∅nnow Klarlund and author Jacob Weinreich.”

I certainly had mixed feelings towards this book whilst reading it.
Very interesting to begin with, the book’s latter half revealed a boring and disappointing side.
A not-at-all-thrilling crime novel, The Last Good Man wasted what could have been a fantastic plot on an ending which left me unsatisfied and displeased.
I cannot say I am hugely disappointed with the quality and direction of the narrative as the book cost me £1. It just seems a shame that such vast amounts of research and detail amounted to nothing good.

Despite sitting on my windowsill for over three months the book was an easy read, even with the occasional foreign name or word, or bad translation now and then. In fact, the writing quality was inconsistent with most aspects of the book – it was good. Direct, economical, specific, and all dialogue matched well with the speaking character.
The characters themselves are uninteresting, with the exception of Hannah. A few of the characters also seem, in my opinion, written in solely for plot convenience. Another flaw involving the characters is the relationships in the book – they are awful.

If I am honest, the only redeeming parts of this book are: the character of Hannah, and the detail and richness of the story’s plot.

Constant switching between characters and their stories and points of view is irritating, and often unnecessary. The plot twist completely undermines everything the book has built towards up to that point and takes away all intrigue. There is not a single piece of advanced or important literature to be found within these pages, even with the many irrelevant ones.

In spite of how I usually end my reviews I really do not recommend this book. With almost no good things to say about it I cannot see why anyone would enjoy this book all the way to the end.




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