Book Review – Crown of Midnight, by Sarah J. Maas

Errrrrr, Sarah. No. That’s not… what do you think you’re… how could you… this is not how this works, Mrs Maas!

This book was amazing! Plain and simple. As much as I now hate Mrs Maas, for reasons I shall not divulge, for sake of spoilers, I didn’t want to put this book down. Well… maybe at one point… You know when I’m talking about, Sarah.

The characters and plot have developed so much from the first book, and have really taken me by surprise at certain times. Surprises seem to lurk around every new page, and if you let your guard down for even a second, you will suddenly be lost in an entirely new trajectory of the book.
Having said that, the book, in my opinion, is extremely predictable, which was one of the few flaws I found whilst reading it. The only thing I did not see coming was the plot twist. This kind of ruined the book for me a little, because I could have quite easily just skipped half of the book, and it made me lose interest in reading it for a while – something that never happened with Throne of Glass.
The book is also a lot more action packed than its predecessor, and while this brought something new to the books, and really helped reveal the characters’ true natures, I think it took too much time away from the story and the world. Having said that, the action, along with the rest of the book, was written amazingly well. It felt so natural and so real, and never drew away from the emotion or what was happening in the scene. However, it helps that Sarah only needs to trail one character’s actions at a time – it would be interesting to see how she fares with writing a large scale battle, should one ever occur.
And somehow, even though so much more happened in this book than in the first, at the same time, not much really happened at all.

The romance in this book is a lot more… well, more. No matter which romance you side with, you will be put through hell and back – well, maybe a bit (a lot) more for one of them.
I am completely against any relationship between Dorian and Celeana, even friendship. He should just leave and never come back.

I’ve come out very emotionally drained at the end of this book. I have been wanted to cry, wanted to punch a wall, I did laugh… probably a little too much, wanted to shout at the characters, despite them being in pages and not being able to hear me. I just wanted to play God a little and have this book go the way it should… is that so bad?

I personally feel that, while this book was great, it was not quite up to the standards of Throne of Glass. The cliffhanger – sort of cliffhanger – made me want to pick up the next book right away, even though I finished reading this one at 5am. #topsleepingpattern

I’m not really too sure what else I can say. I’ve never done individual reviews for a series before, so this is very new to me. Hopefully I’ll pick up the bar for the next two books (and the novellas collected in The Assassin’s Blade). 

I’m taking a short break from this series, however, because:
A) I have so many other books to read before April
B) I don’t want it to end – though, I think there’s going to be a number five
My next book will be Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman (which was a freeby – go uni!)

An amazing book and an amazing series so far. Even though Sarah J. Maas has lost my liking (you know what you did!), her books have not.
Exactly the same recommendations as last time, ‘Anyone interested in fantasy, fiction, young-adult novels, books out of the ordinary, and just people I think… I recommend this book to you.’

I give this 3.4/5.0



What are you thoughts? Comment here!

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