Book review – Throne of Glass, by Sarah J. Maas

Erm… So when is this book going to become a movie?!?

I absolutely loved this book right from the start! Celaena is one of the best characters I have read about in a long time, and quickly became one of my favourites. She is so bad-ass,  but also so gentle. I just love how she can go from “Ooohhh, pretty dresses, jewelry, that guy is so cute,” one minute, to “I want to stab out his eyes with a hair pin,” the next. She’s so funny  – in fact this book is just funny in general. I swear to God, if I didn’t read alone in my room, people would think I’m so weird from the amount of times I was hysterically laughing at this book.

The story line is fantastic, and so original. There were times whilst reading this where I found myself comparing it to other books because of similarities, – Hunger Games, in particular – but I think all books have traces of one or two others within them, because we learn from what we read and what we love.

Learning about this entirely new world was a fantastic experience for me, because most of the books I read are either very old and have movie/TV adaptations which I’ve seen, or are simply set in our world. Sarah unfolds details about Erilia so naturally, that you don’t even need to try to learn about her world. Having not read any of the online pieces she wrote before the release of Throne of Glass, I had no idea what to expect from any parts of the book.

It’s so enthralling and refreshing to read about a fantasy world full of magic and myths, where the magic is actually prohibited, and has been abolished and put down in the story. For once the weird and mysterious is a subplot, and the mundane (mundane in this context meaning assassins, to-the-death competitions, and people being torn apart and eaten) is the main focus.
Having said that, the world does become more diverse as the story progresses, and the magic and mythological start to seep their way into the limelight. Original creatures and all things magic definitely make you want to keep on reading – especially with the sense of mystery and all of the questions that come with them.

Another new thing this brought forth for me was a love triangle. All of the books I’ve read either contain ordinary, single based romances, or no romance at all. With two completely different characters after the heart of Celaena, you will simply have to choose a side – team Chaol all the way!

Despite being set in a medieval time, the language and characters and writing are all so modern. The banter between some of the characters is amazing, and a strong female central protagonist who isn’t just looking for her prince charming , but is a kick-ass fighter and is also hilarious and  beautiful, is something not usually associated with olden style stories.

The dark and haunting past of Celaena Sardothien is something few characters of her sort and age have experienced, which just adds more to the ever growing list of original things in this book. It also adds an evil and, quite frankly, sad side to the book; because even though it is stock full of killing and death and pain, it’s a surprisingly light book. It also really helps you really connect with the character and the book – not that you need any help with that whatsoever.

Thanks to my student loan I have been able to buy myself the entire Throne of Glass series, as well as The Assassin’s Blade, and have already started Crown of Midnight. I’m 101 pages in and am already so hooked and invested.

The best book I’ve read since The Silmarillion, and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series – and anything else Sarah has to offer.

Anyone interested in fantasy, fiction, young-adult novels, books out of the ordinary, and just people I think… I recommend this book to you.

I give this 4.0/5.0!



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