Book review: 50 Shades of Grey – E L James

I have been dying to write this review since I started reading this book. I have so much to say and discuss, but it took me so long to finish it, as I have been so busy lately; with college coming to an end, and the Easter break and what not.

I want to start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and thought it was absolutely amazing. Why people direct so much hate towards it, I cannot understand – I actually previously wrote a post about the hate on this book; go check it out.

The book has been said to be cringeworthy, poorly written, boring, and just plain bad; I found it to be none of these things. I actually borrowed the book from my mother, who doesn’t really read, but picked up the 50 Shades trilogy, and finished them all within a week, and said they were the best books she had ever read. The book was capturing right from the start, and got more so as the story progressed. 50 Shades of Grey is an exhilarating, enthralling, sensational, original book; and despite what everyone says, it is well written, and I personally think it has a very interesting and – for good use of a phrase – spanking good story.

The book is clearly well written, and anyone who has any literary sense will be able to see this just from the name of the book and names of the two main characters. Let’s examine this shall we…

Okay, so we’ll start with Christian Grey’s name… The use of the name Christian is clearly used in an ironic sense, as he is as far from the religious kind of Christian, that you can be. However, Christians believe in second chances and such, which is what he is getting during this book with Anastasia. Then of course the use of the name Grey is obviously an off course reference to the colour grey, which is part way between white and black, but is more dark than light; but not so dark that it can’t be made lighter; and this is recognized throughout the book, within the character of Christian Grey, as he is often labelled with the conflict of being either a white knight or a dark knight.

Then there is of course the books name, which of course links to Christian’s name, but also to the colour of grey, and the darker and lighter shades of it, which again reflects the internal and external struggles of Mr Grey, as well as amplifying what I have said about his character being light and dark.

And thirdly, there is Anastasia Steele. Her last name: Steele, matches the sturdiness of her character, as she moves from her lonesome, book-reading world, to that of Mr Grey’ and his red room of pain. As for her first name, the name Anastasia means ‘resurrection’ in Greek, which mirrors the rebirth of her character, as the old, virgin, innocent Ana dies out, and the newly defiled, corrupted Ana is born.

While being well written, I do not believe it gives anything to the literary community, and has no futher meaning to it than simply being a book – and will not become a classic book in time.

The book did seem to be rather repetitive, but this was mostly during the sex scenes. Some of the language that was used was rather annoying, and didn’t really match the rest of the book; however, again, this is mostly during the sex, which, while it occurs often, never lasts very long, and isn’t as bad as everyone thinks. Phrases such as ‘Oh my’, and ‘my sex’ will get annoying very quickly, that I promise.

As for the sex scenes themselves, they do occasionally include some kinky methods and objects, but it’s not completely over the top, and isn’t so much that you will want to – and I quote Christian Grey here – ‘run for the hills’. Besides, it’s not as though people don’t get kinky in real life, grow up and get over it.

The story isn’t like that of other novels, as it is not actually the center of the novel, and is sort of just popped back to now and again. However, the main story is actually very sweet, and intriguing, and romantic. There will be times where you simply wish you were one of the characters – Miss Steele in particular.

Surprisingly, the book can be quite comical, and can pull on a lot of your emotional strings. You will go from steaming rage at Christian Grey, to falling in love with him, to laughing out loud, to be ‘oohing’ and ‘awwing’ at the romantic gooey parts. This book is actually one of my all time favorites, and I would gladly read it again. If I am being honest, I actually nearly cried at the last few pages. This I feel, may have been a personal thing though, as I strongly relate to the character of Christian Grey. Not in the weird kinky way, or his weird creepy stalker tendencies, but his emotional status – his rather unavailable status to be specific; along with many other traits of his.

I also really enjoyed the emails between Ana and Christian.

Overall I think the book was absolutely amazing, has a wonderful story, magical chemistry, interesting characters, and is well written, – and also has one scene in particular that is possibly the cutest thing I have ever read – however, it can get annoying with some of the terminology used, and the repetitive language.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good romance, a classic, an interesting story, something original – basically anyone who reads books beyond simply action and thriller genres. And of course who are age appropriate to read this; which I would say is adolescent/young adult onward.

I rate it a 3.7/5 for entertainment and such

and 2/5 for litereary


What are you thoughts? Comment here!

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