Book review: Divergent – Veronica Roth

I must first make amends for my recent absence, and apologize to all of my readers. It has been a considerable amount of time since my last post, and that is because I have had a lot going on lately, and so I have neither been reading, nor blogging.

Now! Straight back into it…

Well I think the first thing to mention about this book is that I read the entire book in a single day, with only a few bathroom breaks, and one small stop for my dinner. The book was amazing, and very well written. It easily exceeded any and all expectations that I had for it, and was also quite different compared to what I was expecting. When I first saw the Divergent movie, my initial thoughts were ‘this is simply a rip-off of The Hunger Games; however, now having read the book, I can honestly say I was wrong.

The way the story and characters are portrayed in the book, is completely different, and tells the story as it should be told. I thought Veronica’s writing really allowed connections between the story and its readers – especially with the characters, Tris and Four in particular.

I really enjoyed both of these characters, and can really feel the energy and the heat between them, which is something not all writers have the ability to do. Their relationship seems so real and natural, that it seems as though it could be happening right in front of you.

It was also very interesting to see the growth of Tris, both physically and emotionally, and through reading this book, you get a real sense and a good idea of all of the things she went through, and can really sympathize with her. There is a real bond between reader and character.

Characters aside, the book was very interesting, and I can’t seem to recall a single dull page. It was organic in the way that things occurred, and they just kept on occurring. It wasn’t rushed or too fast-paced, it was actually very well written and structured. I wouldn’t usually read an entire book in one day, as I like to have something to read the next day; however, I just couldn’t put this book down. The very world itself is rather fascinating, and it keeps the reader captivated, as they want to learn more about this newer world.

I love the scenery the book is set in, whether it’s revolving around the Abnegation faction, or the Dauntless faction. All of the dilapidated buildings and the ruined, time-eaten cities have quite an interesting feel about them, and I can really picture it all in my head.

Speaking of which: Veronica’s writing, though it may not be too descriptive, does allow the reader (or has at least allowed me), to see everything that is written down in the books. Now unfortunately, I had seen the movie beforehand, and so I had an image planted in my head for each of the characters; however, while reading, I soon discovered myself to find brand new faces for each of the characters, and the images I created in my head, didn’t derive at all from the movies, as they didn’t not look like I remembered.

The book is very original, is very interesting, and captivates the reader from the very beginning. It is very organic, and is well laid out, well timed, well structured, and generally well written. The characters are fantastic, and keep getting more and more enthralling. The same can be said for the relationships. All of it is well planned, and the back stories make it seem a lot more real. The scenery was brilliant, and not only is it where the story takes place, but matches the themes of the story, and brings a few literary points to mind.

Having said all of that: the book wasn’t actually very emotional – in fact it wasn’t really emotional at all. You can say a lot of good things about the writing of Veronica Roth through this book, but it cannot be said that she knows how to tug on people’s heart strings. I also feel that their is no grander meaning to this book, than to simply entertain. Of course you could derive a lot of good and interesting points from this book, however, I feel that from a literary point of view, it has no special place in the world.

Not there is anything wrong with that, but a lot of people enjoy books for their cultural, literary sides; myself included. Though even I must admit that is nice to just unwind from time to time.

I give this book a 4.3/5 for entertainment, and I won’t bother with a literary rating.

To be honest, I recommend this book to its actual target audience, of guys and girls of a teenage demographic, and anyone who enjoys a good book to unwind with, and to keep them entertained, no matter their reading pace and skill.


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